pile of updates


this has been added to on-and-off for a few months but nothing was uploaded so... do i need to list all the dates? i'm going to say no since i don't know one of them

- removed the birthday messages
- added message specifying to the home page. should be useful when/if i eventually add another message. if it's working right, https://dudemine.com/?msg=100 should always prompt "Not signed in ✅"
- directory listings are good again! at some point in time they switched from old apache style to some new smooth thing that sucks so now they're custom (amber crt style) instead
- moved some things from /downloadables to the new /tools
- overhauled /good
- added a message for when javascript is disabled, finally
- /about overhaul. /about/flags is just a placeholder for now though
- new home page link to a forum that is not currently up