2023 update i guess


oh boy i have actually done a bit that i didn't make an update about (and that wasn't just uploaded now).
- readme added to /game
- petstalk added to /game
- at some point my host updated something and made the directory listings all smooth instead of nice and crunchy. will have to fix that with an actual index.html i have to manually update eventually it seems!
- "arg" also fundamentally broke at some point due to a scratch api update. not sure how i'm going to fix that

and just now i did:
- an update to /good finally adding some things i've had sitting around (and also not adding some of those things), along with slight improvements to non-new things
- /about/gender is betterish now
- oh wait i was going to fix up /about itself wasn't i, since it's a bit shit. whatever, maybe next time

and a very long time ago, possibly even before last update, which i think was undocumented until now, the "pickMsg()" function (run it in javascript console on homepage) now accepts an id, so you can see specific messages. "pickMsg(286)" should prompt a particularly long audio file. considering adding a "?msg=[number]" thing to the homepage so you can directly link to a message, but it sure isn't here yet. would be helpful for any new messages added from here!