good things

i, as a browser of the internet, come across things from time to time. some of them are good. here are some of those! ordered by type, then alphabetically
probably most of these (that aren't already in the audio section) have good soundtracks if they do have them, but any soundtrack that particularly stands out will be marked with a ♫, which will link to (hopefully official) location(s) you can listen to it


big data - music about Technology and such. bombs over brooklyn and the stroke of return are a little harder to find than the rest so there's links

hawaii part ii - probably one of the best albums ever. if you don't want to wait through the backwards in the mind electric, skip to 2:40. also variations on a cloud is separate but pretty much a 12th or 0th song

michael guy bowman - music that i think is?? probably something "pop" adjacent?? i'd say just listen to one of the two newest albums first, then go explore. the discord is a very nice place too!

mint jams - found this one time, listened to it, now kinda my standard for when i need to put background music somewhere

red vox - music that is apparently "psych rock", whatever that means. i'm not good with genres. in the garden is a good example song, then i'd recommend another light or realign (if another light, stranded is pretty much a 9-minute another light song)

savaged regime - does sega genesis/megadrive remixes of various songs. theoretically you could play these on real hardware (i think)!

super ghostbusters - really silly album of bad midis of the ghostbusters theme with new "lyrics". gets pretty not safe for work very casually, be warned. additionally, the recent sequel, deluxe edition

the band behind hawaii part ii above is mostly composed of members of tally hall, who also make/made good music. there's a lot of non-music stuff too, and most members went on to do solo work... it's probably more than i can link here so i'll let you do the searching

two silly(?) song parodies(?), the boys are back (to kill you) and kiss me (kill me). both pretty horror-y i will warn you, first is goofier though


17776 - What football will be like in the future (also sequel 20020 and the still-upcoming 20021)

diminish (act 1, act 2) ♫ (act 1) ♫ (act 1, youtube) - a let's play where someone named will plays a game made by his sibling. unfiction series. currently on hiatus but it's more than 8 and a half hours long as of writing so i think you'll be fine
had a specific warning here before that i'm not so sure about now but it gets Emotional

emesis blue - it is certainly a piece of visual media that i have consumed. feature-length. knowing the game team fortress 2 could provide a bit of context but i think everything required to know is already in it

lucids - series about... dreamscape traversal, i guess? topic not the focus of why it's good. mostly comedy but it's serious when it wants to be. all done by one guy aside from the occasional voice done by a family member! "prequels" are required viewing beforehand

nanquest - don't think i can summarize this much better than the second paragraph does here (the one starting with "the main character [...]")

nes godzilla (sorry, best place i could find) - old-ass creepypasta that i think is pretty neat, though the ending is mediocre. would recommend this reading. the incomplete sequel, replay (use first link), is good too (reading)
once you're done with the actual thing check out the official april fools comic(?)s too

one - six object people are sent to an odd location to compete in a game show. what could go wrong? may hit harder if you've watched battle for dream island or any of it's derivatives, but certainly not required
also make sure to play radiohead's scatterbrain over episode 9, start it when the play button appears in the top left

youtube poops, in general - particular people i will direct you towards are cs188, or dathings if you prefer your poops more family friendly and uploaded at a reasonable pace
see also, specifically: xXcustomThum bnail BedYTP666Xx spongebob, a youtube poop with a particularly high level of insanity, and electric intervals and cubic cord which is similar but cryptic nonsense instead of just nonsense


celeste - platformer of the "will kick your ass hard" kind. additionally may make you transgender, scientists still have not confirmed

corru.observer ♫ (all but highlights newest volume) ♫ (soundcloud, all) - website-game about exploring an alien biocomputer that's been rotting at the bottom of the ocean for a couple decades. digital archeology gamified
soundtrack also available on youtube but it's a bit messy as of writing so no link

i love hue - little game about correctly positioning colours

portal 2 ♫ (steam) ♫ (official website?? news to me) - first person puzzler, probably one of the best games of all time (or at least probably my favourite). no you do not need to play portal 1 before it, though a couple jokes might go over your head

ripple dot zero - flash platformer from 2013. pretty good! unless you can somehow run flash in browser, you'll need to get flashpoint infinity to play it

terminal 00 - okay so i actually know like. Nothing about this but the aesthetic is cool so

ultrakill - MANKIND IS DEAD. BLOOD IS FUEL. HELL IS FULL. "boomer shooter" (old-style first person shooter) of the "will kick your ass hard" kind where stylish play is rewarded and you take the blood of enemies to heal rather than health packs lying around
wow the quality isn't coming through very well in my description here

more to come... eventually...