this is old and a bit outdated but i don't feel like fixing it up. gender is probably some kind of month-to-month genderfluid honestly, in range shittily described below.

new comedic summaries to replace the old ones:
- it is simply not meant for human comprehension
- glitch item B1F (id 0x55)
- Stainless Steel


in regards to "she/they": feminine is the expected, but real nice when neutral used

anyways, either pick any of these tl;drs or keep reading:
- tomboy (gender)
- you don't want to know
- mostly girl but also kinda not girl
- one of the things she/they could mean but idk which

time for the whole spiel now. to radically simplify gender to a 2d space, with male being vertical and female being horizontal, somewhere in the range where female > male, but i haven't figured out exactly where

(apparently this helped for some people: imagine the highlighted section as a room full of chairs, i'm on one of those chairs but i don't know which)

so to keep the n-dimensional space... analogy? going, extending it to 3d would be something like this:

now try your best to extend that to the more writing-type world of actual gender